Walls of Taesongsan Fortress

It was built in the period of Kogury Dynasty (fourth century A.D. –early fifth century.)

The fortress is on Mt. Taesong in Taesong District, Pyongyang .

The circumference is 7,218m

Walls of Ypongyang Fortress

Built in the period of Koguryo Dynasty (522-668), the fortress in Pyongyang. The circumference is 23 km and a total area of the enclosure is 1,185 km
Taedong Gate

Built in the period of Ri Dynasty (1635), it is in Taedongmun-dong, Central District, Pyongyand. The two-storied pavilion on the gate is 15,91 m long and 10,34 m wide.
South Gate in Kaesong

Built in 1391-1393, it is Bukan-dong, Kaesong. Its front is 13,63 m and its side is 7,96 m. it is the south gate to Panwol fortress, which was the inner fortress.
Taeung Hall at Kwanum Temple

Rebuilt in the period of Ri Dynasty (1646), it is in Sansong-ri, Kaesong. The front is 8,40 m and the side is 6.61 m.
Podok Hermitage

Built in the period of Ri Dynasty, it is situated in Naegang-li, Kumgang County, Kangwon Province. The front (bottom) is 3.35 m long. It is three-storied.
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